Saturday, January 27, 2007

*rises from the dead*

Okay, okay, yes, my minions, I have returned from the fictional realm of Noblogger. Who hates it when the site randomly changes hosts and so everyone has to redo their accounts? *raises hand*

So, um, yeah. Everyone knows how I turned sixteen last October. Mid-November I hit another milestone: The almighty driver's license. I even am driving a car that I call my own (though Earl the 1989 Oldsmobile really belongs to my grandmother) to just about wherever I need to go. Happy stuff. I like that car; once I figured how to handle it, it works well for my purposes.

Event number two since my last update was Journey to Bethlehem, in which I somehow landed the role of Mary. It was really very fun; that baby bump was a two-person job to take on and off. Joseph had a really good sense of humor through the whole thing, so that made it more fun. I was sorry when it was over and done.

Event number three: the red belt. I still have a scar on my hand from punching my board at that particular test. Taekwondo in general is still going swimmingly. In fact, I've got Black Belt Club this afternoon, squee!

School is, again, going pretty well. I made it through my first semester with good grades (mostly; geometry is much harder than I give it credit), and am still trucking along. That reminds me, I've still got homework to do. Oh, joy.

Running sound tomorrow in the youth service. This is both a good thing and a bad thing, seeing as I don't normally get along well with teenagers who deliberately act like idiots, but I still love fiddling around with electronics. It should go well, though; this week I get the good worship team, the one that actually knows what's going on and has some actual talent. Crazy! Hopefully, I won't have to mute the mics on the drums. Either that or hand the drummer some paper sticks.

Well, I best be off. I'd like to catch a nap before Black Belt Club, since I'm truly going to need it. After all, right afterward is movie night with some of my friends. Yipee!

Current Mood: Excited

Ranomd Useless Fact of the Day: Studies show that chickens, like many humans, like attractive people best.