Saturday, August 27, 2005

Stuff, Stuff, and Yet More Stuff!

Doesn't that just sound so exciting? Er... yeah. Got the part I auditioned for in "Dorothy!", so I'm quite pleased. I would've gone for the larger one if I thought I had the time, but, as it were... I still think that producing this sucker is going to be a hoot. The people are all nuts, but nice, and seem agreeable. It's gonna be a blast.

Went to taekwondo class this afternoon, and got my yellow belt, yeye! It's a startling contrast to the white I've gotten used to. But yeah, just all around good stuff there.

School's going fine. I managed to get a 95 on my Government test, which I'm pleased about. (I mean, hey, this is a senior course...) I'm getting along just fine in my other subjects, though I'm going to really have to stick it to the Spanish because I keep missing questions on my quizzes... Gr. Not cool.

Current Mood: Tired/Hungry/Congested

Random Useless Fact of the Day: I think my parents are planning to chuck me and my belongings into the basement apartment as soon as Phil moves out and use my room as an office. Cool. A bedroom that's bigger then 9'x10'. But we'll what actually happens... Might not at all.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

And Half the Results are In

Well, the "Dorothy!" auditions this morning went pretty well, in my opinion. I tried for two parts (one major, one minor) and I'll see on Tuesday who gets what role. So a little suspense for me this weekend. We'll see how it really went.

My other big event today was my belt test in taekwondo. Results?




I PASSED!! *squeesqueesquee!!!* (Insert your own happy dance here) I successfully didn't screw up my form, kept most of my balance in my kicks, remembered the Tenets, and (this is a big development) broke boards. Yes, I, one of the THE most unathletic people on the face of this earth, broke boards. So yeah, my right hand is a little tender, but no biggie. I get the sparkly (well, maybe not sparkly, but still...) new yellow belt on Tuesday, I think. So now I'm kinda glad that's over.

School's going well. House is still standing. Pixel now believes that she is a giraffe and keeps trying to eat the leaves off of this one tree we have in the house. I keep attempting to discourage this. Pixel (in effect) gives me the finger and keeps chewing on the leaves.

Current Mood: Accomplished

Random Useless Fact of the Day: The Tenets of Martial Arts are: Courtesy, Integrety, Perseverence, Self-control, and Indomitable Spirit.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Just So People Know...

I took people's advice and switched the "anyone can comment me" option off, since the comments are starting to look a tad like a billboard. It's like, "Dude... I can't afford a Corvette, nor am I old enough to drive. I'm not legally able to get a paying job. I don't want an X-box, since my mother is sort of against video gaming systems and I wouldn't play it anyway." So yeah. You anonymous folks are either going to have to get an account or talk to me in person. (Sorry Sarah...)

Anyway... Bible Bowl started up again Sunday. The grand total of team members at this point? Eh... Somewhere around 20. Five teams. Now, let's see how many kids decide to back off before the first Round Robin, since that's when the dropouts really start leaving in droves. I mean, hey, I appreciate y'all coming, but this game is a lot of work. If you're in a bazillion other things or just don't like studying, this isn't your game, so don't take it lightly, plzkthxbai.

Still waiting for Saturday. "Dorothy!" auditions in the morning and my belt test in the afternoon, yay!

Current Mood: Impatient

Random Useless Fact of the Day: My government professor rocks. Why? He's funny! Just this morning he was all, "Well, I don't have to fear the policeman if I'm following traffic laws, but if I'm doing 60 in a 30 zone, running over children and small dogs, I just might have something to worry about, don't you think?" Things don't get much better than a darkly sarcastic teacher.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

And the Drought Breaks

And all God's people said? "Amen!"

Yeah, we finally got some decent weather around here, mainly thunderstorms that give a lot of rain and a good light show. Let's see how long it lasts; hopefully for at least a few days because it's getting really freakin' hot again.

Had another taekwando lesson this afternoon. Today it was mostly practicing forms, kicks and high jumps. The high jumps? Suck. I like doing 'em, but I just can't jump that high. Stupid Irish genes... Meh. I still had to do my form blindfolded. Got dizzy and screwed up my directions. And I was almost done, too.

So I was in Waldenbooks at the mall today, and saw a display with a book that I've read and enjoyed (Cornelia Funke's Inkheart). One of the paperbacks I saw had a sticker on it that said, "Soon to be a major motion picture!" Me? I'm all "WHY DOESN'T HOLLYWOOD LEAVE MY BOOKS ALONE AND THINK UP ACTUAL MOVIES FOR A CHANGE?! IS NOTHING SACRED ANYMORE?!" No, I didn't actually yell that in the middle of the store, but I was thinking it. I mean, pfft, some on. Stop riffing offa books. I realize that this may seem like a large money-generating thing and that some directors actually do a good job of representing literature, I'm majorly of the opinion (read: fact) that movies =/= the actual quality of the book. Yes, there are a few very rare exceptions (*coughEllaEnchantedcough*), but the book-into-movie thing's starting to get really annoying. Blah. But anyway... Got a couple of new books, yay.

Current Mood: Slightly sleepy

Random Useless fact of the Day: Got the recommendation to test for my yellow belt, w00t!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Please Excuse My Big Red Nose

It always goes red -always- when I cry. And yeah, I've been doing plenty of that these past few days. Yes, Grandma went to see Jesus on Friday, her funeral was Monday, and her burial, yesterday. So yeah, the weekend ended up being one big red nose after another, combined with quite a few headaches. But seriously? I'm kind of relieved now, because she had Alzheimer's for, what, eight years? My family's mostly doing fine, although my grandpa (obviously) is taking it extremely hard. Why not; the two were married 54 years. So do me a favor and pray for him. I'll say no more about it. Just wanted to give you folks an update on what was going on...

But the upside about funerals? Funeral dinners. Especially the ones at Uncle Joe's house. The guy may look surly, but man can he and his wife cook! We're talking about five different types of brownies and fried chicken, here. I'm talking a big freakin' dinner. When you grow up in an Irish clan like mine, you get fed and fed well. Food=love, love=food. You are loved, you are fed. If you're not sure an Irish person hates you or not, just ask yourself whether or not you've had food or drinks offered to you. If yes, then you're pretty well off, at least for now. If not, excuse yourself politely and don't call back.

But yeah. School started last week and I've got four different pages of algebra homework.

Current Mood: Awake

Random Useless Fact of the Day: Taekwando isn't all kicking. For instance, I now know a techique that will have someone unconscious in ten seconds or less. (Go ahead, Tyler. Bring. It. On.)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Got a phone call this afternoon. My mom's just gone off to the nursing home where my grandmother is... Grandma's blood pressure is way too high and her heart is racing, and they can't seem to get her BP down.

So I guess this is it.

I guess I always thought she'd die in her sleep...




Current Mood: Waiting