Saturday, April 22, 2006

All Your Base Are Belong to Us

So yeah, Demolition Ball? Friggin'. Fun. It ranks up there with Laser Tag on the List of Stuff That's Fun But I Still Suck At. My team lost three consecutive times, but the last game was really close. Thank goodness Preston (Birthday guy) actually knows how to play, because the rest of us were really pretty crappy. We had a great time anyway; I mean, it's like bumper cars and wiffleball had a lovechild! Come on! The card I made for the party went over well, especially the whole "*lights come up* Phantom: What the...?! Everyone Else: The PHAAAAAAAANTOM, oh, the Birthday Boy is heeeeeeeeere! Let's cuuuut the caaaaaakkkee! DUNDUNDUNDUNDUUUUUUUNNN!!!" thing I stuck in there (the Wehrenburg gift card didn't hurt either).

I now have a huge bruise just above my knee. It's a royal pain; I kept getting whacked into the control stick of the bumper car... But still, there's just something about yelling "KAITIE, GO GET THE BALL!!! PassitpassitpassitPASSIT!" and crashing into your friends that does it for me.

Right. I've got an essay to write. *stalks off*

Current Mood: Tired

Random Useless Fact of the Day: Thanks to break dancing, there are now injuries that are named Breaker's Thumb, Break Dancer's Pulmonary Embolism, and Break Dancer's Fracture of the Left Metatarsal. No kidding.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Sing a Song of HU- Eckankar

Before we get started here today, I would like to say that I won't be specifically making fun of the kooky religions. I'll let you do that yourself; I'll only be interjecting myself in occasionally. I'm not witty enough to do these things justice. If you hate the idea of a Cult of the Month, let me know so I can yell at my sister (it was her idea).

Name: Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God (o...kay...)
Founder: Paul Twitcher
Introduced as a Religion: 1965
Some Basic Beliefs: The Soul is eternal, and exists because God loves it. Contact of the ECK (Divine Spirit) is achieved through something called Soul Travel (Yeah, don't ask me what the heck that is).
Main Form of Worship (if any): As far as I can find (or as far as I want to look), it's relaxing and singing the word HU- the Sound of all sounds. (Well, if it's capitalized... */grammar nazi*)
Source of Info: Mostly seeing the ziggurat on top of the Temple of Eck in Minnesota, and watching as my sister Googled the thing. The site she came up with:
Next Month: Scientology! Come on, you guys know I hate Tom Cruise...

So yeah, this is sort of an expirimental thing. I'd appreciate comments on how to make it better, but please don't just flame me- according to today's standards, it's within my First Amendment rights to scrutinize weird religions. I'm not trying to be deliberately offensive to anyone. I'm merely a bored teenager with too much time on her hands.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

*breaks out of the bubble*

Yeah, yeah, I'm back. I actually have been for a bit, but I just didn't feel like updating because I'm lazy like that. We got the bathroom installed in my brother's townhouse, I got some new jeans, went to this totally awesome furniture store up there called Ikea, ran around at the Mall of America (the one with the theme park in it), convinced my mom to buy an iPod Nano (black, too!), stuck a bunch of new music on my own iPod, got Little Women finished, totally pwnd the power sander. Yes, fun stuff up in Minnesota, so long as it wasn't raining; the weather up there was awful. Got back all right, obviously, glad to be home.

Not a whole bunch has been going on here on the home front, other than my team getting 1st place in our division at Bible Bowl competition Saturday, and Nights of Praise on Sunday night. Now that's a story!

So yeah, there we were at about 5 on Sunday evening, rehearsing for Nights of Praise. We were in the solo of this big huge choir number, and the light bar above the stage starts shaking! I mean, it's bouncing all over the place, the ceiling's doing the wave, the projectors are swingin' like Tarzan! It was nuts. Then this one lady runs into the auditorium yelling "TORNADO!" And we're all standing there like, "Uh, yer wot?" And the lady's all "TORNADO! Seriously, THERE'S ONE ON THE GROUND!" So we all start running to the community lobby, since the architects were smart enough to stick a basement in there. My mom and I had to help my voice teacher down three flights of stairs (she'd been in a car accident and her legs were still giving her trouble on the stairs). So there we were, all holed up in the basement and wondering if anyone would show up for the actual concert. (People did, by the way, and it was teh awesomes.)

Yes, fun times there. But dang, Mom didn't let me go chase the tornado... (Those that know me know that my life's ambition is to see a tornado before I die.) I'm just that kind of freak.

Finally got my green 1st belt in taekwondo! *glee* Once again, it's a size too long, but I've gotten used to that by now. (Every single one of my promoted belts has been too friggin' long, particularly my yellow 1st belt; that one was hanging past my knees.) Got my form down in its entirety, and for that I got my first two of the three required skill tapes, yay!

Mr. Andrew, one of my instructors, was taping the things onto my belt while Ms. Angie was giving another girl the first tape for her form, and then Mr. Andrew was all, "Julie got two tapes!" Ms. Angie just kind of looked indignant and said, "Mary got it down pat in two minutes." Mr. Andrew, in the spirit of sibling rivalry, shot back "Julie still got two tapes." Mary and I are just kind of snickering through the whole thing, because even though there's still the whole "aura of respect" thing going on through my dojang, Mr. Andrew and Ms. Angie still try to outdo each other. It's hilarious; you should see it sometime.

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Random Useless Fact of the Day: Some school in the country (I wasn't listening too much to the news) banned anything to do with flags after some schoolboys had disputes over the superiority of America and/or Mexico, to some other dude replied, "It's our country! If you don't like the flag, then you can leave." Of course, these "BANNINATION!" people deserve a kick in the pants...

Oh, wait. If I did that, I'd give 'em brain damage since their heads are so far up their butts... (If you'll forgive my French.)