Monday, January 30, 2006

*kicking and screaming*

And that's how I am currently posting this entry... Why? Because, really, I have other stuff to do, and I'm just a procrastinator. But I knew that I would be a bad, bad blogger if I just suddenly dumped this blog and never posted again. That and my cousin was threatening to hack into the computer, which I immediately beat down, seeing as this thing has all the anti-spyware and that sort of good stuff, plus she kind of flunked Computer Hacking 101.

So yeah. I'm back.

So far no one has been killed (on purpose) or mutilated (beyond repair) or injured (greviously). Mostly, it's bruises and really dry knuckles. Sometimes it's wrenched wrists and the like, but that only lasts for a couple of days (until the next time we practice self-defense in taekwondo)...

Speaking of which, I recently tested for (and received!) my green belt, so now I'm eligible to go out for Friday night sparring classes and get beat up by black belts (whee!). I'm not sure if I'll start that immediately; perhaps I'll get my driver's license first, but that won't be until late October at the earliest. Dang. But yeah, classes are going pretty well. I already know the first half of my form, so I should get that out of the way pretty quickly. The new kicks are fun, albeit that a lot of them have the words "spin," "jump," or "hook" in them. Not that easy to get when one has more torso than leg and has the agility of a three-legged rhinocerous. Still, very fun.

Another interesting event is my moving into the basement apartment. It's all nice and fixed up, and I recently got the last of the furniture moved in (mostly lamps and a nightstand for one of the aforementioned lamps). Still need to vacuum the den, and Mom will eventually move the computer desk down there. It's a really good place to do homework, since Phil had the courtesy to leave behind this huge desk, makes things a lot more comfortable than leaning over a lap desk or something like that. There's a bathroom immediately adjoining my bedroom, so that's especially convenient. There's also a door leading out to a walk-out patio, so if there's a ever a fire I can just open the door and I'm home free. Since it's in the basement, if I ever hear the tornado sirens in the middle of the night, I can just roll over and go back to sleep. (There's something to be said about having the safest bedroom in the house!) So yes, I'm quite content down there; it's very cozy.

Just a quick request for my readers: My cousin, Chris, joined the Air Force and has graduated from boot camp. My family is very proud of him, and hope that he continues to do well. We got some photos of him, and he's looking very military. It's like he knows where he belongs now. I just wanted to ask that everyone pray for him and his safety. I don't think I really need to expand on that, do I?

Other than that, I can't really think of anything else to type. The various newlyweds are doing well, the dogs are fine, and my sister still hasn't taken over the world, although she did get a summer job at John Deere, which we are very happy about. (She's fascinated with tractors.)

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Random Useless Fact of the Day: "Remember the Maine!" Yeah, you know that ship? It probably wasn't even blown up by Spain. All anyone really knows is that she exploded, but new evidence says that the Spaniards didn't do it: perhaps it was rebel Cubans blowing up the ship in an attempt to draw the U.S. into the battle (well, it worked), or maybe a misloaded cannon was the reason for the explosion.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Lines are fun!

Right, so my mom, aunt, grandpa, a couple of cousins, and some family friends went to the art museum to see this "Treasures from the Royal Tombs of Ur" thingy. Since it's Friday, we got in free (yay!) but there was this big huge line (boo!). Therefore, we spent like 45 minutes waiting in line (could be more or less; I was feeling too lazy to actually keep track of time). Also, when we got there to meet everyone else, we had to stick together (of course), and in order to do that we had to all group up in front of this one lady that seemed to have slept on a bed of nails last night. She kept whining and going "Well, who ELSE is joining you, eh?!" and I'm thinking, 'Lady, there's only one of you. You're welcome to cut back in front of us, but guess what! The art ain't going anywhere!' Honestly, I think she and my aunt were about to start duking it out in the hall. (Never mess with the mother of a two-year-old.)

Other then that, I wouldn't say that anything earth-moving or really all that great happened around here since the last update. Well, there is one thing: I get to test for my green belt on the 21st, go me! Oh yes, who's sticker chart is bigger than yours!

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Random Useless Fact of the Day: England once had a government position that involed holding a bell and ringing it if the holder saw Napoleon coming. That job wasn't done away with until after WWII.

EDIT: And I cannot believe I forgot to post about this. Everyone, be aware that I think that I saw a flying pig, as my brother Phil finally got married (GASP). Phil, go ahead and hit me for not mentioning this. Also, one of my older cousins (there are a lot of cousins), Kerri, got married the week after Phil's wedding, so I guess the whole wedding thing is becoming a weekend habit. (Kerri, you can hit me if you're reading this.)
Highlights: The toasted ravioli at Phil's reception, and Grandpa saying that he was supposed to pray after the toast but he didn't see any (and so the kitchen folks actually made him toast), the wedding itself, my eight-year-old cousin filming about 15 minutes of Phil's wedding, and later deciding at Kerri's wedding to turn off the camera when Grandpa started speaking, the throwing of paper airplanes at Kerri and her new hubby, another cousin and I standing there while Kerri threw the bouquet, and the time that a bunch of family and friends got to spend together for something happy instead of a funeral. (Thought I'd end with a sentimental note there.)