Friday, January 18, 2008

Internets is a Meaneyhead

My broadband is being slow for some reason. Rawr.

So I finally made Google take (and keep!) my password, so hopefully that means I can update here a bit more often than I do (I'm sure Charlie will be thrilled).

So it's cold here, or at least colder than I enjoy it being. I mean, I don't mind cold, but if all my hoodies are in the laundry that really makes things a bit more intolerable. It's windy, so I can't turn on the fireplace. Hmmm, there's always the electric heater. And the dogs, one of which is attempting to bury her nose under my laptop once again. I don't know why she enjoys that, but she does. The puppy is just weird.

I just now realized that this thing types on a delay. So right now I'm typing what I normally would, but the processor is actually a few words behind me. It looks like there's a ghost using my computer as soon as I stop typing.

So my Christmas was good, albeit somewhat tardy as my brothers went to their respective in-laws for the holiday itself. So my immediate family waited patiently to open gifts until the 26th. It was a nice Christmas, seeing as on the 25th we all sat around in our pajamas and watched movies all day. Yes, I do mean ALL DAY. I think we watched somewhere around five or six movies. We're never going back to Blockbuster, seeing as the Philistines over there keep scratching up or dirtying their discs to the point of their not being playable. Other than that and the dishwasher decided at that moment to decide to die, it was a very enjoyable Christmas. I enjoyed the sleeping in.

You know, since my partial insomnia seems to have cleared up over the past year or so, perhaps I should change my blog address. Any ideas? Do tell.

So I've been camping out by my mailbox since Christmas Eve... Why? Because Christmas Eve was the day I got a notification saying I am being considered for the February black belt test. (Needless to say, I immediately called and/or told everyone that would stand still long enough to listen. I was a happy child.) The last newsletter released said that the final notifications would be sent out this month, but so far pretty much no one's gotten anything. (I don't think they've sent anything out yet.) I'm really hoping I make it. It'd be nice to know for sure so I can start planning a party. I mean, this is definitely a celebrating occasion. :)

Right then, I should probably check on how my uniform is progressing through the laundry.

Behave, kids!

Current Mood: Sleepy

Random Useless Fact of the Day: Bach's "Kafee Kantate," a story about a man who wants his daughter to quit drinking coffee (which the girl refuses), is considered the greatest piece of art written about coffee.