Monday, October 31, 2005

Chick Shoes and Hoop Skirts

Well, the clock is ticking, and the light at the end of a very, very long tunnel is drawing closer: The opening night of "Dorothy." It'll be this Friday, and boy am I ready for it to be over with! Yeah, I know, it's been fun, but I haven't been to a taekwondo class for a couple of weeks... I'm getting antsy. On the upside, the troupe's going to be on TV! I won't say what show; it's one of those local things and we'll be in the window, waving and hollering (or not) and advertising shamelessly.

And about the chick shoes and hoop skirts... There's been a lot of hoopla (*snort*) about the hoop skirts. Every female in the play over five feet tall has to wear a hoop skirt (and I'm five foot two). You know what? Those things are annoying as sin and whoever invented them deserves to be shot in front of their family. You have to be really careful about how you sit down in those because if you're not, it'll flip up, slap you in the face, and make everyone else in the room die of laughter. The shoes are a big advantage, though: they're gold strappy dealies and they are just generally great shoes. I mean, seriously. Awesome shoes here. I call them my "chick shoes." I don't know why, but the term just seems appropriate. So there. But anyway, the makeup for the entire thing is really cool, particularly the stuff for Beelzebub and his minions. It's pretty much a mix of Darth Maul, camouflage, and African war paint, highly interesting.

School's going fine. Mom's only letting me do half-days this week, since she thinks I'm overextending myself or something like that (and I tend to agree), so I'm getting short days until "Dorothy" is done and over with.

Humane society was interesting today. I know it can be a pain to walk one dog when it's pouring rain, but how about multiple dogs in pouring rain? That's how it was this afternoon, I tell you! It was pretty much a dog-walking army, trying to get everyone exercised since it was too wet for them to be outside in the runs. I decided I look pretty good in the "drowned rat" look.

Anyways, I gotta get going. I think my parents need the computer, and I have to go get my contacts in.

Current Mood: Tired/hungry/content

Random Useless Fact of the Day: My cousin still hasn't given my book back. Remind me to fiddle with her hair until she gives the thing back, seeing as I've only read it once.

Oh yeah, and before I forget... Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Another Year, Another Joke Flies Over My Head.

I'm not exactly sure about the joke (although some really do escape my comprehension), but yeah, another year has passed by. Yesterday I turned 15.

Now, this is really a significant event, seeing as now I'm legal to get my learner's permit, and that my parents and siblings, though threatening to kill me multiple times, have allowed me to live thus far. All I can really say is this: I'M NOT DEAD YET. BWAHAHAHAAA.

So now back to life as normal.

Current Mood: Accomplished

Random Useless Fact of the Day: The iPod song total is now up to 993. w00t!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I Hate My Lungs

Why? Because pretty much any time the weather starts fluctuating like it has been in the past few days, my lungs become full of crud and my throat gets drier than the freakin' Sahara. I swear, I've drunk enough liquids to make my eyeballs float, but my throat feels just as dry as before. Coughing has ensued, especially at night. So now I have a doctor's appointment in the morning, on the suspicion that I have bronchitis. Ew, ick. Leave my drinking glasses alone. You cannot have a bite of my apple. You cannot eat the peppers off of my plate of szechwan chicken. You cannot borrow my pencils.

On the upside, Friday's going to be highly interesting. For one, I get the day off of school (WHEE!). If I am deemed well enough, then Mom might allow me to help prepare stuff for my sister-in-law-to-be's bridal shower. For two, the bridal shower is going to be a hoot. It's a bunch of women crammed into one house. There's going to be an "Oberweiss" sundae bar. (Salivation: Commence!)

But I probably won't be able to stay for the entire thing because Friday is also testing for yellow first in taekwondo (yipee!!). So yeah, I'm pretty excited about that. Then there's Saturday, which will be photo day in taekwondo. I've already gotten the "normal" school pictures, now I have to get the ones in which I look like I'd like to rip someone's leg off. It's going to be interesting to see which photo Mom puts in the Christmas card...

Current Mood: Congested

Random Useless Fact of the Day: Got the new "Series of Unfortunate Events" book, squee! And? It's really good, very enjoyable. Okay, Cori, you can tackle me to for plot details now... Oh, wait. Your computer's borking. Oopsie. :)

Go Cards!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Ninja Brat

Yup, got myself a brand-new nickname, courtesy of my brother Phil. Amy had called last night, and I was wanting to talk to her, and Phil was just getting off the phone with one last "Yeah, I gotta go. The ninja brat wants to talk to you."

Me: "Wha?"

Phil: "Ninja brat."

Me: "But it's taekwando! Big difference!"

Oh, well.

In other news, got the reccommendation to test for yellow first in a couple of weeks, yay! I also got all of my sparring gear, so now can I fight in class, within reason (and when we actually spar in class) without getting completely beat up. That's not to say a nose won't get broken; that's entirely possible. In one tournament, a guy in my class was actually knocked unconscious and given a broken nose and a black eye because apparently the guy he was sparring with got a little overzealous. But yeah, I'm already getting injured: we were practicing a self-defense technique in which the elbow gets pretty well wrenched or broken (and it can be done from a handshake, so don't try to make up with me while really wanting to continually fight). My partner? Gets a little jumpy and moves my arm in a such a way that I hear something crack. So I was nicely wrenched up. Not cool.

School is going very well at the moment. I aced pretty much all of my midterms (lowest score: 93 in health), so that should count when I'm applying for scholarships... Haven't taken the Spanish one yet, seeing as I started that a week after everything else. But still, good grades rock.

My choir, Extreme, has ventured into a sort of new area lately: precussion/drumline type stuff. Really pretty cool-sounding (and looking) once it's done right, but still not exactly what I would envision the average choir doing. Huh. Voice lessons are still fine; my teacher is now allowing me to sing in other languages (not that I actually know Italian, but I do my best on "Caro Mio Ben"). They're very pretty songs, but the demos suck. (Why do they always get the "American Idol" rejects to do the CD demos? Is it just because it's cost-effective?)

Tonight? It's off to my cousin's bridal shower. Girls' night out, w00t!

Current Mood: Passive

Random Useless fact of the Day: Buckminsterfullerine- a highly complex molecule comprised of 60 carbon atoms arranged in a spherical shape. Also known as buckyballs.