Friday, November 23, 2007

Full Stummy

That's what happens after Thanksgiving: you get full. Right now I find eating to be a difficult thing, seeing as either my stomach feels like it's going to rebel or I simply don't feel hungry. Like, at all. So it'll be a few days before my system is back into swing. I hope yours has had less trouble getting over the gluttony that is America's favorite national holiday. :)

(I say Thanksgiving is America's favorite holiday because if you say "Merry Christmas" anymore you get yelled at for pushing your Christianity on other people, which is so totally un-PC. Scroo dat.)

It's cold. That's fine but a little annoying, because I get a tad depressed in the evenings because it's a pain in the rumpus to regulate my temperature. As long as I don't wear shoes and I keep the hoodie on it's a little easier. But it's still a bit more than is necessary, I think.

Tomorrow will be occupied with tree decorating. I'm dreading this somewhat, as it means I'm going to be kept in the same room for about four hours while I attempt to find just the right place for each of our million billion ornaments. At least we all know where the GOOD ornaments go: Star Wars things go front and center. Garland is wrapped around my neck and upper body while we drape it exactly right. But our tree is fake so we have to set that up before we do anything else, meaning another half hour of straightening out the branches on said fake Christmas tree. Fun times. We attempt to make a runway of our front yard while we set up the outdoor lights (which are actually pretty once we get them all up... It's the getting them up). Really though, it can be fun, at least if I don't have to do it alone. It's a lot better to do with at least my sister; having the brothers around makes it that much more fun, because we start poking around at each other and cramming me in the corner behind the tree, haha.

So Mizzou's playing KS tomorrow. GO TIGERS!!!! DOn't fail us now, or else Mom will be in a bad mood!

Blah. Sleepy now. That and I need to go put my pants in the laundry because this is my last clean pair. I'm sure people would prefer it if I wore pants. I would, too.

Current Mood: Hot and tired

Random useless Fact of the Day: Since it's the day after Thanksgiving... Every year, it's American tradition that the President 'pardon' one turkey from death. Usually, this turkey comes from a petting zoo. Talk about respect for the bird that would've been our national symbol...

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