Friday, February 01, 2008


At last, after two and a half years, I finally got my letter. Which one?

The one saying I'm confirmed for black belt testing come February 16th. WIN.

You missed the show. I got home from black belt club last week, and checked the mail since I was pretty sure that no one else had gotten to yet. I grabbed the wad of envelopes and started flicking through it, doing the usual "Not mine... not mine... not mine..." before I can to a really thick one. "Heeeeeey, this could be interesting." Sure enough, it was my name on said envelope, causing a shiver down my spine and my legs to bolt as fast as they could go down my driveway into my house. I dropped my gym bag rather unceremoniously on the floor and tore into the envelope, shouting "HOLY CRAP, MOM, IT'S HERE!!!" And, lo and behold, there sat the letter and testing requirements for first degree black belt, along with the testing form I would have to turn in and pay for.

So I just said goodbye to a paycheck and a half paying for this test. It was worth it, though.

As you can probably tell, I'm bloody thrilled and am trying to go for any and all regular classes just to make sure that I can't possibly get stuff wrong during this test. That brick is going DOWN.

School is going all right, just slow (as I say every time, but it's true). Right now my literature unit is focused on death and mortality... Wow, that's cheerful.

Bible Bowl tomorrow. I wouldn't mind quite as much if certain people weren't showing up... I won't (and can't) go into details, but understand that it's difficult for me to coexist peacefully with these people after all the crap that they've tried to pull and the sullying of our reputations they are attempting (and in most cases failing) to do. I know that revenge is no way to exist, but honestly it sucks when the evildoers and troublemakers among us don't get their just desserts. As it were, however, I just try not to pay them the attention they so desire. They don't deserve it. Grr.

Right... Nothing much else has been happening around my neck of the woods. I'll see you folks when I see you. :]

Current Mood: Peeved

Random Useless Fact of the Day: Today's winner of the "EEEEUUUU!!! Gross!!" Award goes to Tilbury Docks in London, after finding over 300 kilos of decapitated rates in a shipment of synthetic hair. Apparently the rats had been smuggles in from Ghana, where smoked rat (kebabs?) are a considered a delicacy.



Machiavelli's Mini-Me said...

Decapitated rates? That is indeed gross. Investment bankers everywhere are screaming in horror.

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